• Artistic path • 

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Child of the 80’S, Carole b. has always been attracted by art and quickly took the habit of drawing anytime and anywhere. In spite of a passion for art, she does first general studies, while keeping on expressing her creativity in art class.

Her studies and her work force her to put aside her passion for about 10 years, until 2016: one of her artist friends pushed her to grab again her scalpel and to show her work in an exhibition. The success of this first exhibition gave her the confidence to keep on creating and regularly get awards and public recognition. This is Carole-b-decoupage-collage-papier-travail-scalpelbecause of her taste for challenge that she decides one day to try out collage, through an original technique: paper cutting collage.

The further she goes in art, the more her technique and her complex personality show through her subtle and glamour art, with a dash of humour.



• Subject and technique •

Through her works, you can easily tell that Carole b. is mainly influenced by pop culture, pop art and women in general (especially pin ups). Besides, even though she loves working with the oppositions and the bright colours, aesthetic criteria and harmony are her main concerns….

Created with GIMP

Why paper? Because blank, this support in rarely used as a medium while you can find a full range in shops. Sometimes it is pretty tricky to find out intermediate colours but this is a challenge that she’s not afraid of: to reach her goal of never paint the paper, sometime she even recycles papers (wrapping, brochure, envelops etc…).

Halfway between traditional collage and sculpture, her intricate technique gives another dimension to the contrasts of colours and textures. She works so much on recreating the volume effects of faces or objects that you could pretty much tell her pictures are like 2 dimensions sculptures. This originality surprises the public who likes to observe closely and from distance the picture, see the light playing with the edges, discovering words, engraved words, that only a low-angled light can reveal.

Vue sur le côté sur les vagues de mon tableau "Marine", avec un joli dégradé de couleurs bleu vert et des variations de vernis...